LP-6 & LP-12 Series - Rock bully


Our 6&12 Ton Tracked Machines are modular and customizable to suit any needs in the construction industry.

  • POWERFUL - Capable power and performance from John Deere diesel engines.
  • RELIABLE - Reliable & serviceable these machines are ready for work in  even the most remote locations.
  • GO ANYWHERE - Low ground pressure and the ability to tackle the toughest terrain.
  • COMFORTABLE - Quiet, air conditioned and heated cab with dual bucket suspension seats.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - John Deere engines, Danfoss pumps and hydraulics, Brevini drives, PLUS+1 controllers/software and Hardox steel.
  • MADE IN ALBERTA - All of our machines are designed, engineered, and hand built in Acheson Alberta.


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Base Unit


Base Unit / Power plant can be configured with any available or custom configuration, or be delivered as is.

Deck & Picker


Wide deck with heavy duty compartments and drawers combined with a versatile picker arm.

Dump Box


Durable, high capacity dump box made from durable and wear resistant Hardox steel.



Fully functional, high capacity hydrovac unit.  Tracked base machine allows it to get to locations that other hydrovacs can't.

Personnel Carrier


Customizable, safe and comfortable.  Transport work crews with equipment to the most remote locations.



Our engineers have the ability to design and build any custom modules/equipment that your business or industry require.

benefits & advantages



  • Designed to go anywhere you need to go
  • 2 Speed gearbox.  Highly manuevarable
  • Approx 4psi ground pressure allows for travel over most terrain
  • Optional track cleats allow for even more difficult crossings

Controls & Interior

  • Climate controlled / Air conditioned and heated cabs
  • PLUS+1 Control System - All drive and steering functions through single joystick
  • Cab up front allows for full visibility in three directions
  • Exterior cameras available to monitor any machine functions
  • Independent suspension bucket seats


  • Fixed LED and adjustable LED lights, light up your work space
  • Dual back-up cameras provide a wide angle view to the in dash 7" screen
  • Inclination sensors alarm and interrupt drive functions when safe angles of operation are exceeded

Maintenance & Serviceability

  • Built tough, reliable and long lasting for work in Canada's harshest environments
  • Independent hydraulic cab extension allows for easy service access
  • John Deere diesel engines are reliable, serviceable, and fully warrantied
  • Drive train is hydraulic/hydrostatic by Brevini


  • Custom Color and decaling available on all units (Standard units in black)
  • Remote Spotlights
  • Remote controls for machine driving or any equipped controls
  • Pro Heat engine heaters
  • Arctic Fox hydraulic heaters
  • Inclination sensors
  • Bluetooth connections for handsfree & music
  • 2-way radio systems
  • Cleats for tracks

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